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Welcome toBounce

A little app from ZURB that lets people add feedback to any interface and toss that back and forth with other people.

  • Grab a screenshot.

    Type in the web page address and click the "Grab Screenshot" button. Tip: Make sure you've got the address of the exact page you want, like "MySite.com/photopage122"

  • Add your name.

    Type in the name you want to show on your notes. We'll save it until you change it. Tip: This is really important once you get a bunch of different people's notes on there!

  • Make some notes.

    Click anywhere on your screenshot, and type in what you want to say. Tip: You can change the size and location of your note to highlight exactly what you want.

  • Save your notes.

    Click the "Save" button in the top right corner to finalize this Bounce. Tip: You need to make at least one note to save your page.

  • Share your feedback.

    Copy the URL that shows up under "Share this feedback" and put it anywhere you want. Tip: There are quick links to Facebook and Twitter right next to the URL.

  • Watch it Bounce

    The people you've shared your page with can make their own notes, save them, and bounce them! Tip: If you like the way Bounce feedback works, you might want to try upgrading to Notable.